Maps, Lies & Storytelling


HOMEWORK 1Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.46.59 AMSYNMAP of the continents of the world

Unity is present when we talk about a continent. America, Asia and Africa, are words that we use to describe blocks of land separated by the sea. Drawing this map, I realized that the idea of a continent, is a dangerous over-simplification that can lead us to think of others in wrong ways. As homogeneous groups. As blocks. Thinking about continents, can lead someone to believe that countries as diverse as Colombia and Brazil, are closely related because of their geographical proximity. Or even worst, to talk about a continent as one place. According to the Guardian,”the media insists on referring to it (Africa) as one place”.(


My topic is the lie of social media. As social beings we tend to like and follow people who share our viewpoints, reinforcing our beliefs. I am interested in exploring how can maps help us to become more open-minded and tolerant.SocialMedia


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