Final Project


For my final project I presented a VJ visualizer.  It is an improvisation tool for video performing. In my final presentations I played it to Moby’s Porcelain which I think is a song that can really integrate with my visualizer.

Second Sketch for Final Project

Based on my first sketch, I built a grid of balls that avoid the cursor when it moves through the grid.

First Sketch for Final Project

For my final project I started working with vectors and agents.  My first sketch is a ball that avoids getting hit by Shiffman’s ball.

Homework 6


Homework 5


Homework 4


Homework 3


Homework 2


We made an interactive dancing puppet which: 1) Speeds-up or slows-down by dragging mouse up and down, 2) moves from left to right by dragging mouse from left to right, 3) Shows its dreamy eyes when clicking on the mouse and 4) enters Disco Mode when pressing any key. A project developed with Dana Reginiano


I developed last week’s project by improving the code and adding some interaction.




While reading about the background() setting I realized that it is possible to upload images into the code, and decided to make an abstract composition using such possibilities.  However, since the assignment was to include only 2D primitive shapes, I am submitting a second version of the homework drawn exclusively with the line() 2D primitive.



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