Coding for Emotional Impact


Week 9 homework

Week 6 homework

Week 5 homework

Week 4 homework

Week 3(2) homework

10sec – It is geometrical and interesting. It is very light, elastic, and calm. 30sec – Get to find more details about it.  More time to view the subtleties. 2min – Repetitive, predictable, boring. 5min – Mesmerizing, introspective, I believe it can be an effective aid for meditation. 10min – Relaxing, therapeutical, reliable, algorithmic, certain.  Approximately 704 points.

Week 3(1) homework Afraid of Shiffman

Scale – My ball changes its size depending on how far Shiffman’s ball is. Density – It is a heavy atmosphere, very saturated shifting from red to blue as a resource to illustrate the tension of the moment depending on the proximity of the balls.  If Shiffman’s ball is near, everything turns red–alert, otherwise, everything turns blue–calm. Rigidity/Elasticity – When Shiffman’s ball is less than 55 pixels away, my ball transforms into a square for a second as a resource to represent max. alert, shifting from elastic to rigid. Energy level – The state of alert is present all the time, however, it peaks when the balls are close. It is expressed changing the color of the background, the color of my ball (which tries to mimetize) as some animals do when feeling danger. One versus crowd – It only involves two elements, a predator and a victim.

Week 2 homework

Week 1 homework

Patterns for our presentation. In our first group meeting, we decided to think about patterns as stimuli for the five senses.  This decision reminded me about Jinsop Lee’s TED Talk “Designing for all 5 senses” in which he argues that the more senses involved in a design experience, the better. ( With this condition in mind, I came up with the following patterns. Pattern 1: move a projector around the classroom while projecting a video. I think that this idea is very powerful because it involves a pattern (the video) within a pattern (the rotation). The idea was to add a spatial dimension to the video, moving the viewers into thinking about the reasons behind such a decision. Pattern 2: playing music with thimbles. I was thinking about an interactive activity to engage the public in the performance.  Giving everybody thimbles to play to the rhythm was a way for doing it, including two senses-sound and touch in a single activity. Pattern 3: doodling to the rhythm. As the 2nd pattern, the idea was to include two senses in one activity-touch and sight. I think that doodling is interesting because it allows people to connect with their inner-selves.


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